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Director / Choreographer & Actor


Director / Choreographer

Curly and Laurie - Dream Ballet

“That the director of the production, Michael Jenkinson, also choreographed the show is evident. The full-cast dance numbers are a spectacle and a rousing match to the music… PCPA Theaterfest’s Oklahoma! is an example of the conservatory’s ability to meld many art forms together and take the cobwebs off a classic with plenty of playful, contemporary flair.” — Joe Payne, Santa Maria Sun

“This production, rather than downplaying the underlying tensions between farmers and cowhands, between Curly and Jud, between men and women, seems to embrace turmoil and turn it into a motive to move—to drive forward, to take action, to sing and, most wonderfully, to dance. Described in the program notes as a “quintessential piece of American Musical theatre” and “one of the anchors for America’s Golden Era of musicals,” it is thanks to director and choreographer Michael Jenkinson that this production rises above all the historical hype and is, simply, a delight. If you think you just can’t see Oklahoma! performed one more time, or you think you’ve seen it as good as it gets, think again. ” — Charlotte Alexander, Two For The Show

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