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Director / Choreographer


“The songs and words may be the same, but pretty much everything else is new from the ground up, first and foremost the creative work of its brilliant director-choreographer Michael Jenkinson, a man who (at the risk of spouting a cliché) makes the show very much his own.”
— Steven Stanley,

“Director/choreographer Michael Jenkinson has a way of transferring his own energy to his cast. A great dancer himself, he seems to inspire his ensembles.
The dancing in the big production numbers is awesome.”
— Joan Crowder, The Tribune

Brilliantly directed by resident artist and instructor Michael Jenkinson, “Hairspray” is a fun and raucous show, featuring show-stopper after show-stopper.

Jenkinson also choreographed the production, which the large and energetic cast performs flawlessly.
— Brad Memberto, Santa Maria Times, Santa Ynez Valley News

“Jenkinson’s choreography is always the highlight of a PCPA musical, and this one is no exception.”
— Brent Parker, Santa Maria Sun

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