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Director / Choreographer & Actor


Choreographer / Aaron Fox


“Michael Jenkinson’s considerable talents are a great asset to the production. He choreographs the fine dance numbers and sings some of the best songs as he plays a songwriter in a subplot about a recently divorced husband-and- wife songwriting team.”
— Joan Crowder, The Tribune

“Jenkinson pays tribute to those great ‘40s/’50s choreographers in the production numbers he’s designed for the Robbin’ Hood sequences, with a bit of Busbee Berkley thrown in for the Fred & Ginger-inspired “A Tough Act To Follow.”
— Steven Stanley,

“…the choreography for “Curtains” is amazing.”
— Brad Memberto, Santa Maria Times

“…great choreography…Jenkinson’s love-struck Aaron Fox is earnest and sweet, an ideal male ingénue with a beautiful baritone.”
— Ariel Waterman, Santa Maria Sun

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